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hey friend

dont kill yourself tonight ok

you have a really pretty smile and i know its not always easy to manage one but itd be a bummer if we never had the chance to see it ever again

youre really important and you matter a lot so stay safe and try and have a nice sleep

I would like a moment to thank the people who reblog post like this so that it eventually shows on my dash.

It is keeping me alive

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Aiya Van Kooten everyone

When Aiya Van Kooten stood face-to-face with a burglar in her bedroom, her left eye twitched, then she went into “predator mode”.

“I screamed at him… jumped off my chair, leaped over my bed and sprinted after him down the stairs,” she said.

This is the best story of my life

Although she was the only one home, Van Kooten said she had no regard for her safety - instead, she said she was just overwhelmed with “rage“….. ummmmm Hero!!! 

Haha, badass Muslim woman. Love it!!!

This lady is so awesome. She lives with her grandma and was studying and had a towel on her head and no shoes but she chased them out of her garden, kicked one up the arse as he climbed a fence, they dropped a camera and laptop, she flagged down a passing driver to help her continue the pursuit, and it turned out he was ex-military, and they finally caught one of them in a park and pinned him as the police arrived. Now she’s going to visit the burglar in prison for the next few months to help with his rehabilitation.

So in summary:

This lady doesn’t just defend her home and loved ones, she will hunt you down, team up with other skilled individuals, get you put away, and then teach you the consequences of your actions until you’re a valuable member of society once more.

Seriously she’s a frigging superhero.

literal hero

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Tucker Carlson Ponders Death Penalty For Poor People Who Litter: 'Probably Too Strong'


Tucker Carlson Ponders Death Penalty For Poor People Who Litter: 'Probably Too Strong'

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Sunday suggested that only wealthy people were interested in fighting global warming.

On Saturday, the Global Poverty Project hosted the third annual Global Citizen Festival in New York’s Central Park to bring awareness to its goal of ending poverty by 2030. The 60,000 concert goers were required to engage in some type of social activism to receive a free ticket.

But the morning after the event, the hosts of Fox & Friends were focused on images of litter in Central Park.

"It was a fascinating event," Carlson opined. "It was where the beneficiaries of capitalism went to attack capitalism. So you had millionaires, some billionaires up there expressing oodles and oodles of guilt about the planet and income inequality. But in the process — and this is going to surprise you — they trashed the planet."

"Each one of them a contributor to global warming," he snarked. "Oh, the irony."

Carlson added that it was “not surprising” to see litter in Central Park because global warming and climate change were “rich people concerns.”

"When is the last time you met someone working for minimum wage who was really upset about global climate change or even believed it was real?" he asked.

"They are concerned about putting food on the table for their families," co-host Clayton Morris agreed.

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Thank you Michael Grant for understanding

Guys can we get this to 1500? 

this man summed up everything i’ve been thinking for years

I used to go to a school where the principal purposely made sure we were assigned more homework than normal so that we would be “learning” instead of “on the streets acting like hooligans”. And they wonder why that entire city is known for their drug addicted rich kids.

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